2021 has arrived, and that can only mean one thing for us all – it’s time to get on top of those New Year’s resolutions. But instead of saying goodbye to sugar, or ridding yourself of your favourite block of chocolate, why not try a different approach to your resolution this year? Something that isn’t about banishing all the things you love from your life, but instead about taking proper care of yourself… and what better way to do that then starting with some New Year skincare resolutions. Today, we’re taking you through the three immediate switches you can make in your 2021 skincare/beauty routines to ensure you’re getting that natural glow you deserve!

You’ve heard me say it once, and you’ll continue to hear me saying it until the day I am not longer writing these blog posts – but the simplest way to improve your skin is by switching to an all over green and clean formula! When I say all over, I’m starting with the simplest switch we can all implement: an all-organic body wash (or our Moisturising Body Wash, to name one specifically).

You may not even be aware, but synthetic Body Washes are filled with incredibly harmful ingredients that are eating away at your skin with every application - parabens, perfumes, triclosan and dioxane just to name a few. The quickest way to save your skin from this damage is by going all natural, formulas that are derived from only the greatest of ingredients. Our award-winning Zuii Organic Moisturising Body Wash is your one-stop shop for this, working to add hydration and moisture to your skin. And not to mention, it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural hydration – it just improves on it! Trust me, an all-organic Body Wash is the easiest way to improve your skin this new year.

Foundation – we all use it; we all love it. But did you know that the foundation you may currently be using is clogging your pores and putting carcinogens right into your skin? Synthetic foundations are notorious for including harmful fillers in their formulas that can be responsible for irritations like acne, redness, scarring, dryness… and the list just goes on. But what you can do to avoid this is add a Certified Organic foundation into your beauty regime – and lucky for you, Zuii Organic has six different types!

Organic Foundation is dedicated to helping heal your skin, so when you’re wearing it there is no need to worry about any damage or harm being inflicted. With organic, your skin is going to be soothed, healed and the cells are going to be healed to the point your natural glow will prevail in no time. When you go organic you won’t be dealing with any unnecessary skin irritations (however always patch test for allergic reactions before full use!), you’ll benefit from an abundance of anti-ageing properties and the finish will be just as good as anything else you’ve used in the past.

Did you know that every 10 years you consume approximately 3kg of lipstick? That’s a statistic hard to look past, especially if you’re using a lipstick filled with synthetic/chemical ingredients. It’s one thing to be inflicting damage on the lip, but to know these chemicals are making their way into the body and bringing more and more damage is something that we need to change – and can do so quite easily. Our Zuii Organic Lip Range is comprised of six different products for you to easily add into your routine and start puckering that pout the proper way.

From Certified Organic and Certified Vegan Makeup, through to pinks, reds, nudes, purples, metallic and more – our range is going to have the perfect natural substitute for you! And the best part? Our formulas include 0 harmful/synthetic chemicals, so regardless of how much you accidentally digest over the years they will not result in any damage to you. What they will do is hydrate, nourish and protect your lips with every coat.

Although how much lipstick we consume over our lifetimes is up for debate, one thing we cannot debate is that whatever we put on our lips we will end up eating – so make the switch to organic and feel confident moving forward.


It’s not all about drastic changes and re-inventing the wheel, but rather about progression and moderation. Start small and build your way up to a complete green and clean routine that benefits and nurtures your skin every single day this year. These three tips are what we believe to be the simplest implementations to kick off 2021 – as well as the ones that will bring the quickest change to your skin goals.

We’re here to help you absolutely crush your New Year skincare resolutions, so if you have any questions on ways you can attack this please do not hesitate to ask. We’re always happy to help!

Until then, stay well and stay safe.

All our love,
Team Zuii x

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